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RAKIJA FEST - dobrodošli
In 2007 Rakija Fest gathered 38 producers of brandy who exposed their products to the citizens of Belgrade with great optimism. More than 50 000 visitors, the great interest of the media and the number of contracts that were made, lived up to all our expectation and assured us that Rakija Fest will be the manifestation of great significance to Belgrade and Serbia.

We invited you in 2007 to tell the story about brandies together. Today, we can proudly say that our story caused the great interest of the public and that Serbia is now creating more and more brands of fruit brandies.

The Rakia Bar team, which is made of young people, gathered brandy producers in order to promote our traditional values in a better way. This led to the presentation of Serbian brandies during Serbian Days in Paris, in Open Heart Street in Belgrade, at Berlin Film Festival and at the receptions whose goal was to promote our tradition and culture. We initiated and organised the setting up of Serbian Brandy Association which gathers brandy producers , so we rightfully hope to achieve even better results in future. A step forward to that achievement is Rakija Fest 2008.



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